Retinai Discovery® is a pioneering software tool for accelerating Clinical & Pharmaceutical Research

We enable a tailored medical data management supported by the latest developments in computer vision, artificial intelligence and signal processing.

Our solution does not require additional hardware, works via the browser and enables analysis of medical data from the eyes, connecting devices, data sources & inputs in a seamless & easy manner.



  • Interoperability

  • Cross-modality Data Visualization (OCT, Fundus, OCT-A, …)

  • Multi-modal Data Structuring

  • Share your Clinical Context

  • Hundreds of medical devices connected to Discovery

  • On-premise on IN THE CLOUD




Upload Medical Data into UNIFIED and DEVICE-AGNOSTIC Standard Format.

Funnel all the medical information into the same work-space to accelerate your medical analysis.




Organise and access your medical data through a web browser. Regardless of the device, you will be able to access all your research and make it available to other professionals working with you in a single click.



AI-Assisted Analysis

Use AI-enabled solutions to enrich your data. Deploy new algorithms easily across datasets and studies.




OCT Volumes

OCT Projections

Fundus View



Thickness Maps

Fluid Information

Layer Thickness Information



SRF - Subretinal Fluid

IRF - Intraretinal Fluid

HF - Hyperreflective Foci

Drusen - Drusen

RPD - Reticular Pseudodrusen

ERM - Epiretinal Membrane

GA - Geographic Atrophy

ORA - Outer Retinal Atrophy

FPED - Fibrous Pigment Epithelium Detachment


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