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RetinAI optimizes and accelerates clinical, research and pharmaceutical workflows. Our state of the art platform, RetinAI Discovery, has the power to collect,harmonize, analyse and organize healthcare data at-scale, providing enhanced insights to healthcare stakeholders with artificial intelligence.

Data. Under Control.

RetinAI Discovery® is a vendor-neutral medical image and data platform that provides solutions to harmonize data and gain powerful insights, connecting healthcare professionals in a single working environment.

RetinAI's AI models provide automatic, enhanced insights to biomarkers, fluid and layer segmentation and quantification in retinal pathologies.

Both RetinAI Discovery® and the AI Models are CE-marked medical devices*.

The solution

In research and clinical practice, a lack of data structure and accessibility limits valuable knowledge important for decision making. A significant portion of data created today is unstructured and generally is in non-standardized formats, creating inefficiencies to analysis and obstacles to harnessing insights for better outcomes.

RetinAI has developed a data management platform to efficiently process data at scale across multiple data sources. Healthcare professionals can access RetinAI Discovery from anywhere at anytime via a cloud-based portal. Data and imaging datasets uploaded to the platform can be processed with AI models

By removing technological barriers, RetinAI Discovery collects, organizes and analyzes imaging data for a more comprehensive and enhanced exploration of a patient’s disease, treatment and outcomes.

The Highlights

CE-Marked Platform

RetinAI Discovery and its AI models are CE-marked for clinical use in the EU. RetinAI is ISO 13485:2016.

Privacy & Security

Compliant with EU GDPR and Canadian PIPEDA guidelines for data privacy and security. HIPAA compliance is underway.

An Enterprise Platform

Cloud-based or site-specific environments with web access to manage data at scale in a secure environment.

AI Enhancement

AI for disease categorization and progression of data from real-world monitoring and clinical studies. Research use only AI available for predictive analytics.

Clinical Study Tools

Centralize data collection across clinical sites, including eCRF and imaging from devices. Manage real-time analysis through grading surveys and AI capabilities.


Share data easily and securely (anonymized) via our web-based solution. Enable participative research and remote disease management.

Breaking the technological barriers. Together.

We build partnerships to increase participation and coordination in clinical research, support target-based evidence generation and accelerate new therapies, medical devices and digital solutions for healthcare.

We work to build valuable data insights and enable the digitalization of healthcare for more precise and efficient delivery of healthcare. Learn more about our solutions.

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RetinAI Discovery® and the AI models are CE-Marked medical devices according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.
RetinAI Discovery® is a 510(k) FDA Cleared medical device in US.
RetinAI Discovery® and Retinai® are both trademarks of RetinAI Medical AG.

Discovery and AI Models are CE-Marked medical devices since April 2020 & December 2020 respectively.