Why you should join us at RetinAI?

Easy! We don’t just claim to be different, we ARE!
We’re committed to building a company where every individual can bring their full impact and reach their fullest potential. Ours is a purpose-driven environment.
We value commitment over complacency, leaning into challenges rather than accepting the status quo. We’re driven to succeed in a way that requires a strong work ethic and personal dedication. We work hard and it’s not for everyone, but the rewards are great. We’re focused on our goals, motivated by our colleagues, and driven to build AI solutions that are set to change industries for decades to come. But we don’t forget to have fun along the way. We genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together at company outings.

Who we are

We are Retinauts and are each and all empowered and encouraged to pursue purpose-driven innovation, and doing so as a team. While each and every one of us is unique, our human endeavours unite us to form a strong, inclusive culture. We are guided by our corporate vision and values of uncompromising honesty, integrity and unity:

Our numbers

Our numbers

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Together at RetinAI

We are Better Together

We are one team and embrace the value each of us bring. Our (super) power lies in working together to enable the right decisions sooner in healthcare. We’re each accountable for our actions and do what we say we’re going to do.

We Care

We put people first. We care about doing the right thing. Living by our values, making ethical decisions, and speaking up when we see something that does not seem right is crucial for us to maintain the trust of each other, our customers, investors, regulators, stakeholders and our patients.

We are Changemakers

We think big, set ambitious goals and deliver them – for our customers, shareholders, investors and ultimately the patients. By speaking up, being curious to learn and valuing different perspectives we challenge the status quo and make change.

We are Empowered
to Pioneer

We value possibilities and spark energy and imagination onto our teams. Continually spurring us on, this pioneer spirit gives us the humble boldness, sense of adventure and courage to conquer new territories and resolutely embrace a strategy that welcomes innovation and disruption of the status quo. Every day, it encourages us to be inquisitive and innovative.
It also teaches us how to find a better way and to continuously go above and beyond.

We are built on Integrity,
Honesty & Respect

We conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, dignity and integrity in our workplace and whenever we act on RetinAI’s behalf. We are custodians of RetinAI's values. We treat everyone with respect, gratitude and trust. We provide support for one another, including being kind and compassionate.
We treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Live and work from everywhere

We want to hire and retain the best people in the world (like you). If we limited our talent pool to a commuting radius around our offices, we would be at a significant disadvantage. The best people live everywhere, not concentrated in one area. And by recruiting from a diverse set of communities, we will become a more diverse company.

A few of the perks of working at RetinAI

We believe in taking care of our Retinauts.
Check out some of the amenities you will receive
after you join the team:

A World-Class Team

Bern, London, Boston, Paris. Our work is global, and so are our Retinauts.

We Invest in You

We’re at the top of our industry because of our Retinauts. They’re the best investment we can make, and we never forget that.

Company Outings

We’re always up for fun, and if we can get out of the (home) office and have fun together, all the better. Our company events make for great memories.

Open Door Policy

Ideas come first. If you feel inspired with a new idea, our management team wants to hear about it.


Research Scientist
What do I do at RetinAI:
Develop AI for Ophthalmology. Training neural networks for them to become more intelligent :)
Talk to me about:
Passionate about creating AI products for healthcare, education and law. I love the mix of technology and art, entrepreneur spirit and research brought to everyday life. Sometimes I write books and play music.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
RetinAI is a great company: talented, motivated people gathered to develop a medical startup that integrates AI in Computer Vision to improve healthcare, to improve patients' lives.


Project Manager
What do I do at RetinAI:
I'm making sure the QRA and development teams stay in good terms.
Talk to me about:
I like outdoors activities such as ski, rock climbing and hiking. But I'am also a big nerd and I build games and sketchy electronic devices for fun.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
I joined RetinAI attracted by a great product and stayed because of the awesome team.


VP Business Development & Sales
What do I do at RetinAI:
I work with customers and internal teams to define and deliver win wins: innovative technology that meet their needs, delivered by a team that are great to work with (at all levels).
Talk to me about:
Travel, photography and cooking - three things that luckily go together quite well - although COVID changed the balance somewhat. Also lucky enough to live in London with all the cultural opportunities that offers.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
The people, the product, the opportunity.


Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager
What do I do at RetinAI:
I help in making sure our software and services are compliant with fancy and super fun EU regulations and quality standards.
Talk to me about:
Animals, crossfit and Marvel superheroes.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
I wanted to be part of a team of the world, while participating for disruptive innovations in the medical industry. RetinAI's software makes a positive difference in the health care world and I really wouldn't want to miss this chance.


What do I do at RetinAI:
I spend most of my time interacting with employees, customers, board and shareholders, ensuring we materialise the vision of elevating the quality of care for patients suffering from chronic diseases everywhere.
Talk to me about:
Innovation, startups, healthcare in general, space exploration, StarCraft and skiing.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
I wanted to change the way innovation was going to be used by patients. I am a lucky person, I spend my day helping those in need of a better healthcare together with my co-founders and an amazing team.


Finance Director
What do I do at RetinAI:
Building and improving the finance function to support the company's growth.
Talk to me about:
Finance, healthcare, music and American football.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
My passion for RetinAI's mission and also the opportunity to work in the exciting startup environment.


Customer Success Manager
What do I do at RetinAI:
Building our Customer Service and Customer Success Functions to ensure that all RetinAI clients have a best in class experience!
Talk to me about:
Travelling and food but my biggest interest and passion is music. I have a lot of experience in performing, directing and producing professional shows and I love to sing!
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
The scope of talent within the company blew me away and the sense of teamwork and togetherness make for a fantastic place to work!


Head Regulations & QA
What do I do at RetinAI:
Trying to maintain company's discipline so we can please the Health Authorities.
Talk to me about:
As a typical Parisian, I like to meet my friends and enjoy good food.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
To reach the stars!


Research Scientist
What do I do at RetinAI:
I work as part of the research team using statistics and ML to help understand ophthalmic diseases.
Talk to me about:
Biostatistics, Machine Learning or anything in between!
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
It was exciting to be part of such an interesting and fast growing company working at the cutting edge of medical technology!


VP Marketing & Commercial
What do I do at RetinAI:
Take my passion of always learning in Ophthalmology to better understand the value of RetinAI’s platforms in healthcare, to ultimately benefit patients.
Talk to me about:
Skiing, biking, olive oil, biographies and dogs.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
Make a difference and have fun.


Sr. Product / Project Manager
What do I do at RetinAI:
By applying pragmatic but thorough project management techniques, I make sure that our internal and external projects are not unguided rockets and safely reach their destination in time and before we are out of fuel.
Talk to me about:
Digital healthcare, pragmatic compliance, sports of any kind (watching only).
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
What could be better than being part of a crew that sets out to revolutionise patient care in ophthalmology based on digital technology - Nothing!


Scientific Software Engineer
What do I do at RetinAI:
Software engineering, making sure our code base is up to date and ready to face the challenges our sector requires.
Talk to me about:
Vegetarianism, technology and science.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
I'm always ready for a new challenge in science and technology. This seemed like the best place.


Cloud Engineer
What do I do at RetinAI:
I help bring our infrastructure to the cloud and RetinAI to the moon!
Talk to me about:
Cloud, Chess and Travel.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
Amazing fellow Retinauts and empowering culture.


IT Operations Manager
What do I do at RetinAI:
I make sure our AI hardware (and the coffee machine) does not become sentient and tries to kill us all!
Talk to me about:
Technology, Travel, Beaches, Food.
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
To make a real difference in people’s lives.


What do I do at RetinAI:
Lead and support the research team to bring our algorithms and novel methods to our customers and patients.
Talk to me about:
Jamming and anything you want to nerd about!
Why I decided to become a Retinaut:
Seeing the unexplored space of retina.

We’re looking for all kinds of people

RetinAI values diversity, inclusion and belonging for all, and is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. It’s important to us that our workplace empowers people of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences to feel respected, valued and able to contribute at the highest level.