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Retinai in RTS - swiss television [AUGUST’19]

The last week of August we received the Swiss Television (SRF - Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen) at our offices in Bern.

We talked for a few minutes about what we do and how artificial intelligence is going to change ophthalmology and healthcare in the near future!

Listen to the whole story (Swiss German).


Pre-series A funding round [june’19]

RetinAI is happy to announce that we have just closed a CHF 2.3M pre-Series A financing round.

btov Partners' Industrial Technologies Fund has led the round with participation of Swiss-based investor network Investiere and a consortium of selected private investors. Check it out in our Full PRESS RELEASE


ARVO 2019 - Vancouver [may’19]

RetinAI had a great conference at this year at ARVO 2019, with more than 15’000 attendees from all over the world!

Congratulations to the team for these amazing 5 days of work and for the success on the official release of our two main products: OmniViewer and RetinAI Discovery.

RetinAI_CarlosCiller_SUChamps180619_VleadersChina_Jasmin Frei Pep Shot_2.jpg

democratising access to health care - INVESTIERE [APRIL’19]

"Automation does not replace jobs, it replaces tasks" - Learn how RetinAI applies machine learning to medical imaging, not to replace eye doctors, but to make their work less tedious. Via Investiere Venture Capital - Read more.


RetinAI in Forbes FR [December’18]

RetinAI is honoured to be in December's edition of Forbes France! Artificial Intelligence is changing the world of ophthalmology by democratising access to high-quality eye-care for everyone.

Discover a bit more about the future of healthcare in 2019, starting with your eyes! [FR] - Read more


NVIDIA GTC EUROPE 2018 [october’18]

RetinAI was one of the 10 startup to present on the NVIDIA GTC Europe Inception Awards 2018. Hundreds of applications, 70 teams in the pitching semi-finals and only 10 teams in the final.

What a great opportunity to show the world how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the standard of eye care in 2019.


18th euretina congress [september’18]

Our team members travelled to the European Society of Retina Specialists (EURETINA) in Vienna, 20-23 September, to present our latest products to make eye hospitals more efficient using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Stay tuned if you want to learn more about how AI is going to change the life of many eye care professionals in the near future.


Retinai at the Nvidia inception awards [september’18]

RetinAI is honoured to be one of the 10 selected projects to attend the GTC Europe Inception Awards NVIDIA, taking place in Munich between 9-11th October 2018. Hundreds of applications, 70 teams in the pitching semi-finals and only 10 teams in the final.

Next step will be to compete live at the GTC to get a chance to win $100.000 and a NVIDIA DGX Workstation!


RetinAI AT MICCAI’18 LABELS [September’18]

RetinAI participated in this year's edition of the annual International Conference on Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted (MICCAI) in Granada, Spain, held on September 16-20.

This year was the first time we sponsored the Large-Scale Annotation of Biomedical data and Expert Label Synthesis (LABELS) workshop at the event, offering a price to the winner of the competition for the best paper:

'Deep Learning Retinal Vessel Segmentation From a Single Annotated Example: An Application of Cyclic Generative Adversarial Neural Networks'
by Praneeth Sadda, John A. Onofrey, and Xenophon Papademetris.


RetinAI on the top100 Swiss startups [september’18]

This year RetinAI has been selected as one of the TOP 100 of Swiss Startups 2018! It’s a great recognition for the team. We are proud of the results we are achieving and we are extremely excited about the future ahead!


welcome to the new RetinAi [September'18]

There's nothing permanent except change -- Heraclitus. We are incredibly pleased to announce our new logo at RetinAI! This new image reflects our values, strengths and willingness to connect the anatomical and digital worlds to provide a better healthcare for the patient.

Venture Leaders China 2018 [September'18]

The 10-day business roadshow in China with VentureLab is only a week away! Get to know the Venture Leaders China team member Carlos Ciller, CEO & co-founder of RetinAI before the trip begins! Source: VentureLab .


Agefi - RetinAI [july'18]

RetinAI is honoured to appear in the first page of AGEFI this 5th of July! Another opportunity to highlight how advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the world of ophthalmic care for the benefit of the patient and healthcare systems worldwide.


124e International congress de la SFO [May'18]

RetinAI had the pleasure to present in the 124e Congrès International de la Société Française d'Ophthalmologie in the session: 'L'impact de l'intelligence artificielle dans la santé visuelle', organised by Optic 2000 in Paris! Wonderful day presenting how AI and machine learning are changing the current paradigm of screening and monitoring of eye diseases.


ARVO 2018
Honolulu - hawaï


RetinAI is getting ready for the American Research in Vision and Ophthalmology #ARVO2018 in Hawaii! Come to our booth 1039 if you want to learn about how #AI is changing the world of ophthalmic care!


Bilan Magazine top50 startups in which to invest 2018


RetinAI has been selected as one of the TOP50 Swiss startups in which to invest by the Bilan Magazine. The committee of experts evaluated the progress and projection of hundreds of startups from the Swiss ecosystem and selected the 50 most promising technologies for 2018! Congratulations to the team for this great success. Link


Venture Kick
Phase iii [december'17]

Early detection of eye diseases is key for effective treatment to reduce the onset of blindness. However, the patient’s journey to diagnosis is often long and involves many challenges. Venture Kick just awarded RetinAI with 130'000.- CHF to make eye care accessible and affordable to everyone via artificial intelligence. Link

Screenshot 2017-12-14 08.39.41.png

5th international congress oct angiography [December'17]

RetinAI will be presenting the latest company's developments in this year's edition of the 5th International Congress on OCT Angiography in Rome, on the 15-16th December. Don't forget to come to our session: Unleashing the potential of longitudinal image analysis in Optical Coherence Tomography.


NVIDIA GTC munich 2017 [october'17]

RetinAI held a presentation during the last edition of the Nvidia GTC Europe in Munich, covering how ophthalmology is changing with Machine Learning. Stefanos Apostolopoulos (Technical Director) and Dr. Sandro De Zanet (Scientific Director) presented the efforts the company is doing to improve medical eye care around the world.


5th MedTech & Digital Health Forum BASEL [OCTOBER'17]

RetinAI participated in the latest edition of the 5th Medtech & Digital Health Forum in Basel. The team had the opportunity to present our current developments and efforts towards bringing Artificial Intelligence to Ophthalmology, specially in developing countries.


EURETINA 2017 + MICCAI 2017 [august'17]

RetinAI is getting ready for a September full of conferences and events! September 7-10th we will be in the 17th EURETINA Congress in Barcelona, followed by 4 days in MICCAI'2017 in Quebec. In Canada we will present our work on automatic segmentation of pathological retinal layers and participate in this year's edition of the RETOUCH challenge.

Swiss AI Day: EmPOWER your Business [June'17]

RetinAI will be participating in the Swiss AI Day: EmPOWER your Business, taking place on June 14th in Bern, and featuring top speakers in finance, insurance, healthcare, life sciences and research in AI. Don't miss the date and register now!

Ready for MICCAI! [May'17]

RetinAI + UniBern's collaboration on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has outcome in a publication in the prestigious conference MICCAI'2017. Meet the RetinAI team in Quebec this September and have some discussions about Machine Learning in Ophthalmology.

ARVO 2017, Baltimore [May'17]

Our team members travelled to the American Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) conference 2017, in Baltimore, to present their products in the field of OCT image analisys and Fundus Imaging.