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About RetinAI

RetinAI Medical AG (RetinAI), founded in early 2017, is a Swiss company in Bern developing software solutions to accelerate clinics, research and pharmaceutical workflows using advanced machine learning and computer vision.

The company builds tools to collect, organize and analyze health data from the eyes, empowering healthcare professionals and patients with unique medical data analyses supported by Artificial Intelligence. RetinAI's international team combines clinical, technical, and scientific knowledge to foster the transition from reactive to preventive medicine for severe diseases affecting the eye.

About RetinAI Discovery®:

Retinai Discovery® is a standalone medical image and data management platform that allows trained healthcare professionals (physicians, ophthalmologists, opticians, clinicians and researchers) to store, search, share, display, navigate, process and grade medical images of the eye and the corresponding e-CRF (electronic Case Report Form).

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