Precision medicine

building the digital precision medicine of the future

Every Patient is Different.

One of the biggest challenges today in modern medicine and therapeutics is to find the right treatment for every patient.

Achieving this goal is a major undertaking and requires planning in preclinical and clinical stages, a diverse and extensive population sample and dealing with endless types of data sources and formats that may in nature be distributed or siloed. It is intricate to gather all the information and to use it when it matters for the patient, or when it's necessary to support clinical studies or the continuum of treatment decisions.

Furthermore, in a competing environment where 2 or 3 drugs are treating the same condition (e.g. in nAMD, DME or more recently, dry AMD), being able to understand when to use a specific treatment to provide elevated quality of care matters, and it would open an opportunity to bring value to patients where drugs can work best or when treatment of certain population subgroups need to be prioritized.

Clinical trials assess the impact of inclusion of different populations in clinical studies to study a patient's response, but it is inevitable that some patients will miss out, or have different responses to treatment that can only be assessed in the real world.

Digital Precision Medicine - The solution

Digital Precision Medicine (DPM) is emerging as a potential way to deliver personalized, comprehensive care to patients suffering from disease.

With the advent of primary care providers (PCP) increasingly becoming the front line for genetic and genomic testing in their organizations, there's an opportunity to bring technologies that are assessing both genotype and phenotype information to support complex decisions.

These initiatives are not exempt from the need to build education, outreach and engagement programs that will prepare the population of users and patients to receive the innovation and benefits of healthcare innovation.

To overcome these challenges, we at RetinAI are working on the development and distribution of Digital Precision Medicine via our RetinAI Discovery® platform, leveraging all the technology for data management and AI data enrichment we have built over the past 6 years to elevate the quality of care that our customers deliver. For precision medicine and technological innovations to be integrated into routine clinical practice, you need to build the bridge that connects the solution to the end user.
RetinAI for Precision Medicine
We are working with partners in pharma and life sciences to build the precision medicine of the future, bringing all our AI technology capabilities in house with the knowledge about the performance of a drug during a clinical study to provide better care.

Some examples of value delivered via Digital Precision Medicine (DPM) can benefit patient engagement and understanding of their disease, identify the right treatment regime for a target patient population or the right therapy for different patient subgroups.
Being able to prepare the population for your future DPM solution is a task that involves interacting with opinion leaders, communities and the end-customer before the solution is ready.

We are supporting the organization of those programs via our RetinAI Discovery platform to collect feedback and better understand the opportunities around the future DPM.
Creating a digital solution is just another step towards value creation. RetinAI is supporting collaborators becoming the digital distribution partner for you and your organization. With our technology we enable distribution of DPM solutions at scale whenever access to the internet is possible through a secured and certified platform, following requirements for data regulations and security.
You cannot improve what you cannot measure.
RetinAI Discovery enables us to collect feedback for you regarding your DPM, understanding Real World Evidence created.

We make sure that insights and learnings are not lost and the next iteration of the therapeutic solution can bring even more value to healthcare stakeholders alike.

Interested in becoming a leader in Digital Precision Medicine?

If you are interested in becoming a leader in digital precision medicine for your program in ophthalmology, or you want to stand out from the crowd with your therapeutic innovation, we invite you to reach out to us and start building partnerships that will help tame the industry of precision medicine.


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