EURETINA 2022 was the first European conference for RetinAI in 2022. Taking place in Hamburg, relatively near to our Swiss headquarters (in comparison with US conferences), it was a perfect occasion for having a big group of us joining the fair.

We had a tough start due to an unpleasant surprise during the booth construction day previous to the starting of the fair: differently from US conferences where you exhibitor automatically get a sort of booth, with a back curtain and two side curtains to divide with the nearby booths, we found our booth being just a space in the exhibition hall, with absolutely no structure and a horrible-to-see back of the booth of our behind exhibitor-neighbour as back wall.

After the first half an hour of shock and asking help to the event’s organization with scarce results, we decided that the best solution was to buy a sort of curtain to cover the neighbours’ back of the wall. We were super lucky to find an enough big cloth in a clothes' shop not so far away and we did the best we could with our booth. It was definitely not the best booth we have had in terms of design, but it was a great learning situation in which it was necessary to stay calm and, together as a team, quickly find a solution that worked given the situation.

Despite the crazy start, thankfully the rest of the conference was a success.
Our Disease Evaluation Apps on Heidelberg Engineering’s AppWay were the main focus of attention during the conference days as Heidelberg Engineering officially launched AppWay during EURETINA.Attendees had the chance to get insights and live demos both at our booth and at Heidelberg Engineering’s booth, while we were able to gather lots of relevant feedback and suggestions on how to improve our Apps.

Last but not least regarding our Disease Evaluation Apps, Sandro De Zanet, PhD, our Head of Research, held a presentation during the Heidelberg Engineering’s Satellite Symposium, discussing clinical benefits of our Apps on AppWay, focusing specifically on the Geographic Atrophy (GA) Apps, soon available for customers worldwide.

At EURETINA, we also presented for the first time Discovery CORETM , our new data management solution designed for enhancing clinical workflows, collaborative research and teleophthalmology. Also for CORE we were able to gather relevant market feedback, which we will implement for its official launch planned for AAO.

Another success from our co-authored abstract ‘’Refinement of a screening algorithm based on artificial intelligence for the detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in real clinical practice’’, which won the Best ePoster price at EURETINA.

We were more than happy to spend the last night in Hamburg attending the great boat party organized by EURETINA, where we enjoyed a lovely sunset on the harbor. We left the afternoon of the last day of the fair, appreciating not only the EURETINA experience but also the sunny week we had in Hamburg, with strangely no wind and rain and all the four seasons together in half a day!