Joint Initiative to Precisely Target Patient Selection for PBM Therapy in Intermediate, Dry AMD Using RetinAI’s Discovery Platform

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland, Boston, U.S.A., November 13 2023
- In this joint collaboration, RetinAI and the Swiss-based clinical network, Gutblick, have unveiled plans to introduce RetinAI’s Discovery ('Discovery®') platform in two landmark projects focused on research and clinical application for patients with Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD). This pioneering initiative supports target-based patient selection and establishes a clinical center of excellence to redefine the future of eye care, combining the latest AI-based methods to advance personalized treatment and care.

Shaping the Future of Target-based Research

The research project aims to address a range of questions and develop new algorithms, focused on Intermediate AMD (iAMD) applications and identifying and monitoring biomarkers for the progression to Geographic Atrophy (GA). The Discovery® platform will be used to perform large-scale analysis of Real World Data, aggregating patient data and images and generating insights via AI models. These insights will help improve understanding of disease progression and outcomes, and support development of new algorithms for best-in-class management.

Carlos Ciller, PhD, CEO and co-founder of RetinAI, expressed:  “By utilizing our Discovery® platform in this project, we aim to revolutionize iAMD management and Geographic Atrophy understanding through AI-driven insights and large-scale real-world analysis, paving the way for personalized, top-tier eye care.”

Streamlining Clinical Practice Workflows 

On the clinical front, the Discovery® platform will be piloted as a centralized, single system platform for comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) and image management within the Gutblick clinical network (comprising >10 locations in Switzerland). The goal is to centralize medical data collection and automate workflows into one streamlined system, unifying the disparate and multiple software systems currently in use.

Clinical information from patient visits will be collected via Discovery®, serving as the main data entry point for imaging for the clinic. As a result, clinicians will be able to effectively search for patients based on target-based anatomical AI-based biomarkers on images, to identify those who will benefit the most from PBM (photobiomodulation) therapy using the Valeda (Lumithera inc.), significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. 

RetinAI Discovery will also support ongoing patient management through progression analytics, enabling a deeper understanding of patient diseases over time, and the impact of treatment, supporting patient-physician interactions and engagement. This patient-centric care model helps to foster strong clinician-patient relationships and aligns with the goals of becoming a clinical center of excellence, implementing technology to improve patient outcomes. 

Scope and impact

The central use of RetinAI Discovery platform as main data entry platform will be specific to patients with Dry AMD, while iAMD/GA applications will be evaluated outside the center. The pilot phase aims to provide critical insights into the workflow at Gutblick with the potential expansion into general medical retina clinics and other Gutblick sites.  

By creating this center of excellence, RetinAI and Gutblick aim to provide eye care professionals with the latest available methods for clinical use. The introduction of the Discovery platform is expected to enable the quantification of treatment success, enhance patient education about their condition, optimize workflow and overall, lead to improved patient outcomes. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marion Munk, Specialist in Ophthalmology FMH - FEBO and Head Physician Gutblick Research: “With Gutblick Research, we ensure that our services, just like the technologies we use, are always state of the art. Furthermore, we aim to implement the newest available technology to assure best patient outcome.” 

About RetinAI

RetinAI Medical AG, established in early 2017, specializes in the creation of software solutions that bolster clinical, research, and pharmaceutical workflows worldwide using advanced machine learning and computer vision. These tools proficiently gather, organize, and analyze eye health data, assisting healthcare professionals in making informed decisions promptly. RetinAI’s international team amalgamates clinical, technical, and scientific knowledge, fostering a shift towards preventive medicine for severe eye diseases. Learn more about their transformative approaches at:

About Gutblick 

Gutblick is a leading group of ophthalmology centers in Switzerland dedicated to excellence in eye care. The family-owned company, Augenarzt-Praxisgemeinschaft Gutblick AG, operates 11 ophthalmology centers in German-speaking Switzerland with around 240 employees. We provide world-class medicine in the areas of diagnostics, conservative therapy and microsurgery of ophthalmic diseases and ophthalmologic emergencies. Committed to continuous learning, we are teaching tomorrow’s leaders and today’s medical community.

The progress in these projects for more support in patient management is partly funded by Bayer (Schweiz) AG via unrestricted Scientific Grant.