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Frequently Asked Questions

Use case:
CORE for Collaboration to Build Knowledge

Healthcare data is largely underutilized today. In general, an overwhelming majority of data (80%) is unstructured and inaccessible. Data within a network is a complex problem - in multiple locations, as multiple formats and within multiple systems that are closed and do not interact with each other. Any effort to extract insights from data takes significant investment of resources and effort, making it impractical for the majority of clinics. As a result, valuable data is unused to improve decisions, limiting improvement of patient outcomes.


Unlocking knowledge from structured data can help establish best clinical practices, personalize treatment or advance new research and clinical studies. Within Discovery CORE, tools are at your fingertips to foster innovation and aggregate collaborative efforts around your data for best practices.

  • Enable Collaborative Data Analysis across clinics and networks on cases, research or studies.
  • Support Education & Training of newcomers and individuals on interpreting images and cases.
  • Enable Teleophthalmology patient management in the clinic or across a referral network.
  • Create Registries and generate knowledge through global collaborations
  • Set Best Practices across the clinic or tap into network expertise too.

� Who can join the Referral Program? 
Any individual with a paid RetinAI Disease Evaluation App account can participate in the Referral program. Don't have an account yet?
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� Where can I find my personalized code?
Fill out this form and we will send you via email your personalized referral code that you can share with your network.

� How many individuals can I send this code to?  
As many as you like! There's no limit to the number of peers or colleagues you share the code to. You do have the ability to earn up to 100 free credits per year. Please note, RetinAI does reserve the right to limit the number of free credits issued.

� How do I redeem my credits? 
They will be added automatically to your account once the referral code is used and your network user signs up for a subscription. You can expect to receive your free credits within 3 business days after the subscription is activated. 

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