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RetinAI Discovery® Platform - Unlocking the Power of Data

Today, many healthcare providers are forced to navigate a sea of unstructured and disorganized patient data. From a clinical and research standpoint, this lack of structure and accessibility limits the extent to which organizations can develop their daily routine work.

RetinAI has developed a data management platform to efficiently process data at scale across imaging types and devices. At the simple press of a keystroke, healthcare professionals can navigate imaging data, compute imaging biomarkers and track changes over time for some of the most common forms of eye diseases through a web browser.

RetinAI Discovery® uses unique medical image and data management to organize and structure the information generated routinely in a clinic or during a clinical study. AI models provide insights on biomarkers and automatic segmentation and quantification layers and fluid in retinal pathologies.

Researchers and clinicians can track changes in volumes and obtain measurements of these imaging biomarkers over multiple timepoints, saving valuable effort in assessing disease progression in a single working environment.

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RetinAI Discovery® and the AI models are CE-Marked medical devices according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.
Retinai Discovery® is a tool for Research Use Only (RUO) in US.
RetinAI Discovery® and Retinai® are both trademarks of RetinAI Medical AG.

AI Models are CE-Marked medical devices since December 2020 & April 2021.