Venture Kick
Phase iii [december'17]

Early detection of eye diseases is key for effective treatment to reduce the onset of blindness. However, the patient’s journey to diagnosis is often long and involves many challenges. Venture Kick just awarded RetinAI with 130'000.- CHF to make eye care accessible and affordable to everyone via artificial intelligence. Link

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5th international congress oct angiography [December'17]

RetinAI will be presenting the latest company's developments in this year's edition of the 5th International Congress on OCT Angiography in Rome, on the 15-16th December. Don't forget to come to our session: Unleashing the potential of longitudinal image analysis in Optical Coherence Tomography


NVIDIA GTC munich 2017 [october'17]

RetinAI held a presentation during the last edition of the Nvidia GTC Europe in Munich, covering how ophthalmology is changing with Machine Learning. Stefanos Apostolopoulos (Technical Director) and Dr. Sandro De Zanet (Scientific Director) presented the efforts the company is doing to improve medical eye care around the world.


5th MedTech & Digital Health Forum BASEL [OCTOBER'17]

RetinAI participated in the latest edition of the 5th Medtech & Digital Health Forum in Basel. The team had the opportunity to present our current developments and efforts towards bringing Artificial Intelligence to Ophthalmology, specially in developing countries. 


EURETINA 2017 + MICCAI 2017 [august'17]

RetinAI is getting ready for a September full of conferences and events! September 7-10th we will be in the 17th EURETINA Congress in Barcelona, followed by 4 days in MICCAI'2017 in Quebec. In Canada we will present our work on automatic segmentation of pathological retinal layers and participate in this year's edition of the  RETOUCH challenge.

Swiss AI Day: EmPOWER your Business [June'17]

RetinAI will be participating in the Swiss AI Day: EmPOWER your Business, taking place on June 14th in Bern, and featuring top speakers in finance, insurance, healthcare, life sciences and research in AI. Don't miss the date and register now!

Ready for MICCAI! [May'17]

RetinAI + UniBern's collaboration on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has outcome in a publication in the prestigious conference MICCAI'2017. Meet the RetinAI team in Quebec this September and have some discussions about Machine Learning in Ophthalmology.

ARVO 2017, Baltimore [May'17]

Our team members travelled to the American Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) conference 2017, in Baltimore, to present their products in the field of OCT image analisys and Fundus Imaging.